CPCE Capacity Regulator


CPCE capacity regulators adapt compressor capacity to actual evaporator load. They are designed for installation in a bypass line between the low and high pressure sides of the refrigeration system, for hot gas injection between evaporator and thermostatic expansion valve. Injection should be arranged to occur through an LG liquid-gas mixer.
Traditional refrigeration
- Air conditioning units
Avoids high suction superheats bycombining hot gas injection with expansion valve characteristics
- Protection against too low an evaporating temperature, i.e. avoids evaporatoricing
- LG can be used for hot gas defrosting or reverse cycle systems
The regulator increases evaporator gas velocity thus ensuring better oil return to compressor
- Direct connection to system suction line regulates hot gas injection independent of evaporator pressure drop
- LG provides homogenous mixing of the liquid and hot gas refrigerant injected into the evaporator
- Can be used for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants
- Max. working pressure PS = 28 bar