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Incorporated in 1990, Orange County, Calif.-based Fieldpiece Instruments has become the leading manufacturer of professional-grade, hand-held instruments for HVAC/R field service. Product features inspired by real world use, coupled with the versatility of modular expandability, make Fieldpiece Instruments the leading choice of HVAC/R field technicians. Innovation fuels product development at Fieldpiece and the companys original mission holds true to this day: To provide the best professional-grade instruments for HVAC/R field service. Nearly half of the staff at Fieldpiece Instruments is certified in HVAC/R. We ride along with and help train field service technicians all over the country, and now, all over the world. We do this to help us better design the types of test instruments you want and need to make your job easier, faster, safer and more complete. Fieldpiece is represented in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, as well as Australia and surrounding areas. Our headquarters are located in Anaheim, CA with an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America that opened in late 2009. Please see the Contact Us section of the site to provide us with your comments, feedback and questions. For sales support please feel free to call Fieldpiece directly or contact the sales representative in your region by visiting the Find Fieldpiece section of the site and checking our Rep List.


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