NTZ Series

NTZ series

The NTZ - Hassle-free Choice for Low Temperatures Dedicated to low temperature refrigeration and freezing applications, the NTZ range of hermetic reciprocating compressors is among the very best compressors available today.
A hassle-free economical choice, the NTZ is a stable workhorse, engineered and optimised for an extended evaporating temperature range from -10 degree C to -45 degree C. Its features guarantee top class performance and high efficiency at low evaporating temperatures.
NTZ highlights
- Wide evaporating range improves pull-down capabilities
- Integrated safety and robust design for many years of reliable operation
- Easy installation, as no injection cooling is required.
Wide Range
The NTZ range is one of the widest in hermetic reciprocating low temperature compressors, with capacities from 900 to 6000 W (at EN12900 LBP).
High Return Temperature
NTZ compressors are designed to enable gas return temperatures up to 20 degree C without special adaptation.
Efficient Motor Cooling
A suction gas cooled motor combined with internal motor protection ensures reliable operation for many years.
High Evaporating Temperature Limit
Improves system temperature pulldown capabilities.
- Frozen food processing and storage
- Ice cream machines
- Medium sized freezer rooms
- Low temperature condensing units
- Blast freezers