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Established in 1949 ROTHENBERGER AG has over 50 years of History as the market leader of innovative and technologically sophisticated pipe tools and machines. The development of the R-System tools for fitting-free tube installation revolutionized modern installation technology for copper pipe in 1967. With more than 40 international Group companies, ROTHENBERGER is the market leader with annual international sales of more than 25 million quality tools developed, produced and sold by over 1,200 employees worldwide. A long list of patents, Certification in ISO 9000, 9001 and 9002, and an emphasis in research and development results in continuous improvement and new developments in professional pipe tool technology. The joint venture with Greenlee Textron, Inc., the premier source for electrical tools and test instruments in North America, adds the important dimension of a strong U.S. partner with a long-standing tradition of service to professional trades.


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