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Tecumseh Products Company is renowned for bringing an extra dimension of product innovation, customer reliance, and product quality to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. As a result of our innovative spirit and product performance, people rely on our products every day. We literally touch the lives of millions.

We developed the first hermetic compressor for consumer refrigerators in 1937. As the name Tecumseh became synonymous with commercial refrigeration and central home air conditioning, we expanded our product line to include automotive air conditioning compressors in 1953. Our reputation for innovation was further enhanced in 1959 when we developed the first high-speed hermetically-sealed compressor for commercial applications.

Although our product manufacturing focus remains constant, Tecumseh has substantially invested in research and development engineering laboratories in North America, Europe, South America and India. We've also partnered with R&D facilities at universities throughout the globe. These facilities are not just responsible for engineering product solutions, but our university partners also provide Life Science Research on how our products interface with mankind and the environment.

Website: www.tecumsehindia.com

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